Adam Fejfer & Mary Davies litter picking

Action to make communities better

Kate Fejfer receiving her award

Uniting communities

Local Lib Dem campaigner Kate Fejfer was presented with an award for her work in helping to unite the community.  She received the award from Selina Graham, High Sherriff of Shrophire at the ceremony at Radbrook Community Centre

Alex Wagner and Bowbrook residents litter picking

Litter picking

Litter picking is a real problem throughout the town and the local rural communities and litter picking action days are often held to try and make and impact.

David Vasmer and Nat Green delivering flour

Covid Flour deliveries

During Covid a group of Lib Dem's packed up and distributed flour the local food bank.   The flour was bought in bulk from wholesalers and then repacked in the Number 4 restuarant thanks to owner Caroline Newbrook.

There had been a shortage of smaller bags of flour and this action made sure that people in need were able to get hold of flour.