Alex Wagner outside the RSH

Alex Wagner is the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Shrewsbury


Born and bred in Shropshire, Alex has a record of action campaigning for Shrewsbury.

Growing up in Maesbrook and Kinnerley with family in the county going back to the 1700s in Clun, he has a strong understanding of the issues that face our rural county - from buses and potholes on the way to school in Oswestry and Shrewsbury, to the state of health services and the farming sector.

Living in the Town Centre, he has been actively involved in ensuring residents voices are heard on the many changes being proposed in the loop of the river.

Alex’s first foray into local politics was fighting to win the Bowbrook division and get onto the Town and County Council back in May 2021.  To many outsiders, Bowbrook and Bicton Heath seemed an unlikely prospect for a Liberal Democrat - it was a safe seat, and had the largest Conservative majority in Shrewsbury. After months of hard work, Alex won with a majority of nearly 700 in a landslide.

His well-known style of community politics and local campaigning has meant residents are heard loudly on issues like council waste, sewage dumping into the River Severn, and perhaps most vocally on the campaign to save local GP surgeries. 

He has also generated a good reputation as a caseworker, picking up local issues big and small across Shrewsbury and raising them at Shirehall and Livesey House.

In his spare time, Alex is a fan of Shrewsbury Town FC, a cyclist and rambler, and watches too much cricket. He is also a fan of punk and indie music, and a keen supporter of the arts. His family all live and work in town.